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Tom Yendell - 01420 88755
Mr Owen Savill
Minute Secretary
Ms Cheryl White
Reunion Co-coordinator
Tel: 01420 88755

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Association Address:
88 London Road
GU34 4EL

Dear Member

Former Student Reunion at TRELOAR COLLEGE, Holybourne GU34 4GL
Weekend – Friday 25th to Sunday 27th August 2017

I am writing to you to inform you about this year’s Reunion. The TCA Committee has been able to obtain permission from the Treloar Trust to hold our Reunion over two nights. Members will be able to arrive for registration from Friday 25th August 15:30 onwards.

We will have a barbeque on the Friday evening followed by a disco. For those of you coming on the Saturday, registration will be from 10:30. We envisage that as most people will be staying both nights the Committee decided to have a ‘full English brunch’ on the Saturday (10-1200); we are therefore not having a lunch. We will hold the Association’s Annual General Meeting at 12:30 followed by the chance to tour the campus. We will finish our Saturday with a Reunion three course dinner followed by disco provided by Ade Goodyear. Sunday morning will start with a full English brunch (10-1200). The campus must be vacated by all members by 12.00 noon on the Sunday.

After looking into the cost of carers for the weekend, the committee has decided that the cost of providing care for the weekend would be too expensive for the Association to cover. Therefore carers WILL NOT be provided at this year’s reunion.

We are unable to provide any care equipment at all. If you need any type of equipment such as hoist slings, toilet seats, urine bottles etc. - you must bring it with you. We have also been told that we cannot take responsibility for any medication or medical procedures which members require. Members attending the Reunion who need to be administered with either must provide a carer to be responsible for this.

The total cost for the Reunion will include: refreshments on arrival, barbeque on the Friday evening and a disco to dance the night away to. On the Saturday it will include Brunch, Reunion three course dinner with a glass of wine, disco, bed and breakfast if you are staying overnight, and of course all the chatting you can muster!

We only have a certain number of beds for this Reunion. Priority for accommodation will be given to Members travelling over a distance. Note: Accommodation is in single bedded rooms. Carers/PA’s attending with Members may be accommodated on a mattress on the floor of the Members room if there are not beds to accommodate everyone. This is to allow the majority of accommodation going to Members.

Because of cost the committee has decided not to provide a pay bar this year. We are going to provide soft drinks, coke, lemonade, tonic, etc. and ask Members to bring their own ‘tipple’ to drink. We feel that this way it will be a little cheaper but you are more likely to have the drink of your choice, if you bring it!

Please fill in the enclosed form and send it back, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO ATTEND as this will enable us to keep our records up-to-date, and will ensure that your name remains on our current database. Please supply an EMAIL ADDRESS on your form as mailings WILL be sent out by EMAIL in the future.

This letter and booking form can be downloaded from the Association's website ( ) for you to fill in on your computer if this is easier for you.

Please make sure you return the booking form and payment by 23rd June 2017. Cheques should be made payable to 'Treloar College Association'.

This Year we only have 52 beds to accommodate everyone who would like to attend; therefore if you wish to come you need to send your form back NOW to be sure of a place. Unfortunately at the last reunion we were oversubscribed and had to turn Members down for accommodation.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT Members are aware that the Reunion is organised by volunteer committee members and NOT by the Treloar Trust, if you require any information regarding the reunion please contact ME, NOT Treloar’s. We do our utmost to make our Reunion as relaxing and fun as possible.

Unfortunately I won’t be at the Reunion this year as I am at my Niece’s wedding in Sussex that weekend, I hope you all have a fantastic time, have a drink for me!

With best wishes
Tom Yendell
Tom Yendell



Registration – Jowett Hub – Top of Treloar drive
18:00 BBQ
20:00-11:00 Disco 


1000-12:00 Brunch
Registration Jowett Hub, Treloar College, Holybourne
12:30 TCA Annual General Meeting - Jowett Hub
15:00 Tour of College and School
18:00-11:00 Reunion Dinner and disco Jowett Hub





We are NOT providing carers for the reunion.
If you need help please arrange to bring your own carer with you

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